Computer Help for Small Business

Is there something about using your computer, or using WordPress, or making a web page, that is much more complicated than you know it should be?

Confusing? Frustrating? Too complex?

I’ll show you how to do the basic things you need, in a way that is clear and certain.

I’m a professional web site developer, WordPress developer, and database developer. I’ve also worked in technical support for large companies. I write about technical or complex topics, so people are clear what to do.

As I find answers to problems, I’ll keep posting them here, so come back for more. I write the solutions that I had to look up, whether today or I figured it out a while ago.

How to get your theme working the way you want? How to set up WordPress in Multi-Site mode, to save you administrative work? How to set up your WordPress so it is much less likely to be hacked or get malware added to it? How to get information from many web sites into a database so you can use it?

Please let me know what you need — I like adding answers to people’s actual problems.

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