When trying to add a “New Post” in WordPress, I was getting a blank web page, no error message, no content at all. Even when viewing the page source, empty; when viewing the “network” data in the Chrome Inspector or in Firefox (Tools, Web Developer, Network), no data.

I was logged in as a WordPress user with “Editor” permission. What the …

When I tried while logged in as an “Administrator” I got the normal WordPress “New Post” page.

Ah, that’s a good clue what the problem is. Something with “permissions”.

WordPress knows if you are logged in as a user with permission to add/edit pages or posts. There are many specific permissions that can be assigned to individual users; “Editor” is one of the pre-defined sets of permissions. There are also plugins that can help you assign permissions for specific scenarios, permissions to use data for specific plugins, etc.

But first, I tried a simpler approach to resetting the “Editor” permissions for that user. I changed (while logged in as Administrator) the permissions for that user, from “editor” to “administrator”, saved the changes, and changed back to “editor”.  This is done in the Users menu, hover over the user’s login name, and click “edit”.

I don’t know what made the user’s permissions set wrong, but that did reset the permissions.

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