WordPress Maintenance, Repair and Security, for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

I help small business people with WordPress security and troubleshooting. I get your web sites working, and keep them working.

I’ll help you get clear what is the purpose of your site, so everything you write improves your business and what you do for your customers.

I’ll teach you how to maintain and update your website; or you can hire me to take care of your site while you write good content.

WordPress Maintenance and Security so Your Website Keeps Working

  • Block most hackers from installing malware on your site;
  • Good passwords (what we’ve been taught for decades makes passwords that are now easily guessed), kept in Password Keepers;
  • How to Avoid Phishing, Spoofing, and other hacker tricks.
  • Security training for companies, including password keeper software,
  • Technical security measures such as Content Security Policy and Email Deliverability (DKIM, DMARC, SPF), and page security headers
  • Backups and backup restoration,
  • WiFi security, an important part of keeping your company safe,
  • Importance of not installing plugins and themes that haven’t been tested; and importance of frequent updates

Easy Ways For You to Add Your Content to Your Site

  • Using the Gutenberg Block Editor effectively
  • What you can do in WordPress using only the Block Editor, for easiest editing of your content
  • Using “repeated patterns” (for example image, heading, paragraphs then button), style once and use them throughout your site
  • Basic HTML and CSS you need to know for WordPress Sites with the Gutenberg Block Editor (much easier than you might think)
  • What you can easily do to make your writing clear and visually appealing
  • How to set up page designers like Elementor or Divi, so your pages default to looking good
  • How to edit those few “special pages” to look great

Modernize Your Website to WordPress

  • I’ll migrate your Outdated Site Into WordPress, so you get all the latest tools
  • Have me Fix your Broken or Hacked Website, and I’ll keep it Working
  • Make every page display well on mobile devices
  • Replace slow plugins, and plugins with duplicated features
  • Set up an online store as part of your site
  • Site Speed improvements: eliminate scripts on pages that don’t need them, optimize image load times, reduce the number of calls each page makes , and of course using excellent hosting

Improve Social Media & Search Engine Results

  • Control how FaceBook and Twitter mention each page of your site (and all other social media sites that follow those two standards);
  • Display the image and excerpt you specify whenever someone mentions any of your website pages,
  • Specify what search engines show.
  • Tools to help you pick interesting titles so your pages get read more
  • Check how easy your pages are for people to read, and how well search engines can determine what the page is about.

Update to a Good Theme

  • Have a theme that looks good on all devices, from mobile phones to widescreen monitors;
  • A theme that loads quickly;
  • With good programming against hackers (don’t just pick a theme based on pretty pictures!);
  • Consistently using colors and fonts your customers like;
  • Make sure every page displays well

Good Plugins, for What Your Site Needs

  • Avoid poor programming that lets hackers abuse your site
  • Don’t slow down your site with bloated plugins or plugins that duplicate features
  • I’m a programmer, and I use the experience of many other developers who host websites of all sizes for clients

Software, Tools, Training for Using Your Computers Effectively

  • Software that works well even on outdated hardware, and avoid having to pay for expensive software
  • Website development tools for editing and updating your website (the same tools many professional developers use)
  • Office suite including word processing and spreadsheet and presentations and more
  • Edit Images yourself for social media, faster and less expensive than hiring a graphic artist for simple images
  • Do your own audio editing for your podcasts
  • Business tools like bookkeeping, scheduling, team planning

Excellent Hosting, Site Speedup, Technical Support

  • I’ve worked in corporations improving technical support;
  • I’ve evaluated many website hosting companies, as a technical support professional
  • By far, most hosting companies try to sell you on standard features and speed, hiding their support is not excellent
  • Most hosting companies do not keep their software updated, and do not keep their anti-hacker security rules updated
  • I take the advice from many professional website developers and plugin developers, on their experience with hosting companies
  • You probably don’t want to put the time into evaluating hosting companies for security, site speed and technical support; let us steer you right.

Is there something about using your computer, or using WordPress, or making a web page, that is much more complicated than you know it should be?

Confusing? Frustrating? Too complex? Takes too much time?

I’ll show you how to do the basic things you need to do, even in technical topics, in a way that is clear and certain.

I’m a professional web site developer, WordPress developer, and database developer.

I’ve removed hacks from WordPress sites, and installed security to block most “drive-by hacking” or “brute force login” attacks. I recommend hosting companies that do their part (most do not!), keeping you safe from hackers. I keep my clients’ sites safe from all but the worlds worst hackers.

I’ve also worked in technical support for large companies. I am very good at finding actual solutions to people’s computer problems. I can get the best results out of the technical support team for your hosting company — so you won’t have to.

As I find answers to problems, I’ll keep posting them here, (or my more technical solutions site) so come back for more. I write the solutions that I had to look up or a client needed, whether I found it today or I figured it out a while ago.

Need help getting your theme working the way you want? Do you know how to pick a secure, well-written theme? (Few themes are well written, and I can put the pictures and colors you love, into an excellent theme.)

Would you benefit from using WordPress in Multi-Site mode, to save you doing tedious administrative work for multiple sites? If you have several small sites, talking to specific people, you often wind up marketing better than with one combined site.

How important is it, to your business, that your WordPress is set up so it is much less likely to be hacked or get malware added to it?

How might you get information from many web sites into a database so you can use it? Would your clients like to have your information easier to find?

Please let me know what you need — I like finding answers to business people’s actual problems.

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