SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting from $3.95/month

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and SSL Certificates

The original post is obsolete. With numerous hosting companies offering free SSL (through LetsEncrypt software), there is no valid reason for not using SSL on every site you own.

With SSL, your WordPress login form (and every other form) is transmitted encrypted.

Without SSL, all your form data, including your WordPress login, is sent across the Internet unencrypted — so anyone with a little technical knowledge can read your password, even that person sitting at the coffee shop, or the person with a large WiFi antenna and a notebook computer in your parking lot.

The price of GoDaddy SSL, for one site, is about the same per year as many good hosting companies charge for a year of hosting plus SSL for many sites. Switch over as soon as you can.

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting from $3.95/month
SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting

What about security for your account in addition to the server-level security your hosting provider is supposed to do but most do not? I cover WordPress security software and passwords, the simple things you can do as the account owner.

Below is obsolete information

GoDaddy has new hosting, with much better security than their “ancient” hosting. The Managed WordPress Hosting has hardware, between the Internet and the server, to block hackers and malware. Eventually this will be rolled out to be across all of GoDaddy’s millions of hosting accounts. (Technical support Sept 2015 says 13 million.)

You should also look at whether your site needs SSL certificates, the encryption that makes shopping from your site secure.

If you are using WooCommerce, you don’t completely require SSL. If you are selling with PayPal and some other payment processing providers, their site needs the SSL certificate, not yours.

You get increased perception of security, if you have SSL on your site, but you may not get an actual increase in your site’s security — as long as you are not taking or keeping personal or financial information on your site.

If you do want SSL on your GoDaddy Managed Hosting, you have to purchase your SSL certificate through GoDaddy. They have very easy installation for your purchase through them; they have no method for installation of your certificate from any other source. There are free or $10 SSL certificates available from other sources, such as but they can’t be used on GoDaddy servers (at least any shared hosting servers); GoDaddy’s prices for SSL are not much more expensive (Sept 2015 $55.99 for 1 year). There are many web hosting companies that charge about the same just for dedicated IP address they require and then you pay about that much again for the SSL.







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