I did video tutorials on setting up WooCommerce Grouped Products, so you can sell a CD and the tracks of the CD as MP3s. Grouping them displays better in the store, and lets customers see their options.

This first video I cover how the grouped product looks in the theme, and what features will be setting up when we’re finished. Then I’ll walk you through setting up the first step, creating the Grouped Product with CD cover and playlist with all the track samples.

In the second video, I cover adding your music samples to the WordPress Media Library and your audio files for sale to a hidden “sales folder” for WooCommerce. This includes file naming (so you know which file has what music, in lists of files) and how to have the sample music files display well in the audio player.

The final piece is adding products for your music CD and each Track, to the WooCommerce Grouped Product you created.