Android Apps I Use

There are millions of Android apps available. How do you know which ones to get?

The first Android app I use is Hotspot Shield, a virtual private network (VPN) application. This encrypts all Internet traffic, including web site and email, between your Android (or your Windows or Apple OS/X or iOS) device, and the VPN server, and then to the server with the information you requested. Public WiFi is almost always insecure (and your home WiFi needs a very strong password and updated software). Your cell phone web connection is of course readable to your cell phone company, unless it is encrypted. People near you in that coffee shop or airport, using that WiFi, can snoop on your web browsing. Any passwords or private information you type into a form, that isn’t on an https:// site, can be seen and collected. Browse safely, even on public WiFi.

Google Authenticator — Your WordPress site should have SSL, even if it is a free SSL such as LetsEncrypt, so your login form is encrypted. Still, adding a 2-Factor authentication makes your password more secure. iThemes Security and WordFence have the ability to add 2-Factor Authentication, and this Android app is one of the several that they connect with. (I currently do not have SSL, as I am learning SSH Secure Tunnels and other security measures. Plus, I want to know how to keep people safe when they are hosting on a lousy host that charges $60/yr for SSL, e.g. GoDaddy charges $69.99/yr as of April 2017, or $49.99/yr if you buy 3 years. I only login to WordPress )

Sound Meter — I have done audio and video setup for workshops. This lets me know what volume I’m getting out of the audio system, to adjust the settings correctly.

Manual Distance — Use your Android’s camera to measure size or distance. “Manual Distance allows you to measure the distance to the target object with known length, or measure the length and dimension of target object if you know the distance to the object.” Save the picture with the size. Calibrate this one time (for example, measure your distance to a yard stick, use this, set the actual distance, adjust the calculated height to 36″), and it works well without you needing to carry around a measuring tape.

Army Knife for Android collection of simple tools, including “a flashlight (widget too), a unit converter, a timer, a stop watch, a compass a bubble level, a calculator, a magnifying glass (Android 2.2+ required), a mirror (Android 2.3+ and front camera required) and a ruler”.





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