What You Can Do to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Books and Videos and Newsletters by top health experts, who have their patients get healthy; not by drug companies or doctors who primarily work with medicines.

There are several Inexpensive yet effective ways to improve your health and your sense of wellness, from medical doctors who have produced excellent health in many of their patients.

Want to think more clearly, even as you age?

Feeling soreness in your joints, hands, back, or neck? Taking medications for arthritis or joint pain?

There are good books and programs for increasing many aspects of your long-term health and wellness. These are written for people without medical degrees, who don’t know how to read a medical researcher’s detailed reports, but are intelligent enough to learn what works for their health.

Your doctor may only know about the drugs and surgeries that are available. They may not have the best information for preventing illness, preventing or slowing cancer, restoring your joints and flexibility, reducing or eliminating chronic pain, eliminating or reducing or preventing heart disease, and many more ways of improving your health.

Many medical doctors know medicine and surgery and medical procedures, but not nutrition or food sensitivities or what kinds of movement improves wellness — though these have been shown to be effective by numerous hospital or university medical studies.

These books and DVDs give information that seems sensible, that present inexpensive things to eat or do, and what they suggest seems safe. I’m not a doctor, but they are; so look at what they recommend. If it makes sense to you and you assess it might help you, and you see how it is likely safe, then check with your doctor and take the advice these doctors give.

There are numerous references to medical studies done, that you can read or give to your physician.

Some of the products I’ve used, and enjoy. Some of the books I’ve seen their PBS health specials or TED talks, that look very good and I would love to try. (A few are simply good food.)

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As I’m sure you’ll agree, it is always good to find out more about your health!






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