backlit wireless mini keyboard with built-in trackpad

Entering Passwords on Video Streaming Devices

Video streaming devices are really nice. But those remote-control virtual keyboards are too tedious to use for browsing. They are much too hard to use for typing in a secure password.

You have to type in your account password, for Google Mail, for your Netflix account, for your YouTube account, for your Hulu account, etc.

(See my page on Password Keepers and Secure Passwords, and how to make a password that is easier to type on mobile devices or streaming devices.)

Check your specs on the streaming device. It probably uses a Bluetooth or USB-2.4GHz wireless keyboard. Your Roku almost certainly does. Your Amazon Firestick does. Most no-brand video streamers do.

Look on eBay for things like this:

“Wireless Colorful Backlit Mini Keyboard Air Mouse with Touchpad 2.4GHz” for under $10 (there are Bluetooth versions of similar keyboards). Keywords might be “Bluetooth mini keyboard” or “Backlit 2.4GHz mini keyboard” or “wireless 2.4 keyboard”.

Mini keyboards are convenient when you’re on the sofa watching TV. Backlit keyboards are really nice when you’re watching in a darkened room. (Touch a key, e.g. the shift key, and the back-light comes back on.) Having a touchpad built into the keyboard, and arrow keys that toggle into mouse-mode, are both really convenient for moving around on the screen.

Really makes searching and browsing and typing much easier on those streaming TV devices.





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