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Business Teams during covid-19 — Despite Corporations

Corporations forcing (urging, pushing) people to work when they are at risk of getting covid-19 and infecting their family, hurts Us.

Corporations dumping food, when people are hungry and scared they won’t get food; when other kinds of businesses would find a way to get that food to people; that hurts Us.

What can you, as a group, standing for a community, accomplish?

What can you accomplish, as a group, that you can’t accomplish as an individual?

There are other kinds of businesses, that do care about the community, and do care about your groups. Corporations can’t. It isn’t the “tax filing status”, it’s the kind of thinking, what the corporation is aware of, what they are unable to understand. To a corporation, a group or a community is just “lots of people”, and employees are just “workers”, expenses to be reduced.

A course you’ve likely done or heard of, says (or at least, we can reasonably expect to get) that standing as a group is:

1) Survivable. Though corporations tell us endlessly, in their every action and as a “conversation in the background” of everything they say, that if you don’t “shut up and do what you’re told” you will be fired, and your family will be outcast, and you will be forced to live in the wilderness, where you will all be devoured by animals and Die…

Though all corporations always and only convince us of that, you standing for a community is survivable.

2) Workable. You as-a-group can get corporations to change their behavior, to stop harming the community, to change their policy, to spend some money so people are safe, to spend some money so the work environment is safe, to spend some money so the products are safe. Though corporations are always and only interested in “make more money, make more profit”, you as a group can force corporations to change. Yes, even that corporation.

3) Worthwhile. Whether you get the corporation to change how you as a group want, or not, standing as a group for a community, is almost always worthwhile. It might not be easy, you might have to keep at it and keep at it, and keep going, and keep having more people join you, and try something else, and then another something else. It is worth it.

Are you actually limited to doing the tasks that someone assigns you? Or has it only seemed that way, but really isn’t? It often seems like every corporation thinks, or more accurately “thinks from”, you are a low-level employee, and so of course it’s appropriate to give you tasks, you’re not capable of anything better. Is that real?

While so many offices are closed, due to covid-19, so it is obvious that they-as-a-corporation have few tasks for you to do, what can you, as a group, committed to making a difference in your communities, accomplish?

You as a group, in your several groups and several communities, always have wanted, at the highest level, causing “a world that works for everyone, with nobody and nothing left out”. You as a group want that; you as a community and as several communities want that; no corporation can ever want that.

Like every corporation, ___ Corporation is terrified of You-As-Group. You can make the corporation spend money or lose money. You can make the corporation look bad, which will cost the corporation customers. You can come up with great ideas, which makes the corporation look bad (how come they didn’t think of it). You can start businesses that will compete with the dumb corporation. You can generate lawsuits, which could lead to the state revoking the business license, killing the corporation.

You have been so busy being scared of the corporation, you didn’t notice that every corporation is Terrified of You. But not you as an individual, always you-as-group.

If someone tells you “get on task”, you know immediately they are a “corporate agent” and are not empowering you to make a difference in your communities. Therefore, you never have to follow their orders. (However, if that corporate agent is paying you money you depend on, consider continuing to play dumb for them, at least until you aren’t dependent on that money.)

If you’re empowering someone, or a team, that’s more important than their task. No matter what task they want you to do.

If you’re training people to work as a team to produce something, that’s more important than their task.

If you’re completing something, that is in the way of you as a group making something happen, that is more important than their task.

If you are accomplishing something, that makes the community better, that’s more important than any task a “dumb boss” is capable of giving you. (Have you noticed that bosses in other types of business can be intelligent, but in a corporation there are only dumb bosses?)

How can you act, now and when non-corporate businesses open again, standing for a community instead of doing tasks?

How can you get trained in planning projects, so the team knows what everyone is doing, so you or the team pick people for each of the roles needed for the project, react well when something goes wrong or happens that wasn’t anticipated, and everyone on the team succeeds? (Tip: look into Scrum management.)

How can you train your group to determine what the community will need, where specifically, when exactly? Trump’s administration isn’t doing that for your community, since corporations and corporate-minded government agencies don’t care what your community needs. We need You.





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